"At the heart of this moving chronicle is the authors’ impassioned desire to 'break the cycle of America’s historical omissions' regarding its black citizens, whose significant contributions have often been consigned to oblivion. 'The challenges that African Americans face in proving their family history is a direct result of the lack of primary documentation—records of accomplishments or achievements in their lives..'

A stunningly thorough and poignant study of African-Americans."

- Kirkus Reviews

If These Stones Could Talk

“They are true historians,” Philip Mead, the chief historian of the Museum of the American Revolution, said of Ms. Buck and Ms. Mills. “Their research can put a lot of us to shame. But this is not an academic exercise.. It’s very emotional and powerful and raw.”

- from the NYT Arts & Culture Feature,
"Uncovering Lost Black History, Stone by Stone"
By Jennifer Schuessler

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